Fall/winter collection: set #1

After a lot of sweating and thinking. After being annoyed about me, squishing all the unbaked jewelry… The first set of the first real collection is here!  Because I would be super late for a summer collection, it’s a fall/ winter collection (I know that I am also late for those seasons if you compare it to the real fashion, but I don’t really care now.).

The pieces aren’t really inspired by a theme. My right brain and my hands did all the work. Everyone loves the roses I make and they sell Enormously good, still I told myself not to use roses for this collections. Dismissing the roses was a very hard job – I am not even exaggerating.

Okay, now the moment we all have been waiting for…What the pieces look like!

Swirled fossil earrings. The are only 2 pairs on the whole world. One pair is to sell and the other one is for me to collect. I don’t remake these!

Swirled fossil ring. Again, there are only two pieces made. 

Swirled fossil necklace charm. Only 2 pieces made. When I sell this, there’s coming a necklace cord with it.

 Don’t worry, you’re not blind…It’s true that I didn’t make a bracelet. I am sorry,  this collection is totally bracelet free. Not because I hate that, but that will be added in other collections, when I am improving on that. Perhaps I could maybe make a bracelet of this, on request! I don’t really need to say more. That was that, I hope you like it and stay tuned for set 2. For questions, just comment or e-mail me: sarahdezutter@hotmail.be.




Fall/winter collection 2012

I know, maybe I am late with making my fall/winter jewelry collection, but I make jewelry, no clothing (sadly enaugh). I should be ready with designing within a month…After that, it is time for the practice. This will be my first, real collection. That means that I am pretty excited.

The collection will include twelve pieces in dark colours. I am not going to tell you the colours yet, because I don’t want copyright or fakers. I will make every piece once for me (to collect) and once for buyers. No piece will be made twice and this time, I am serious! Creazzioni is ‘unique’.

This was just a small anouncement. Sorry if I don’t give any tips about what it will look like, but I’m the kind of person that is very scared for people (that are inspired by me) making it before me.

Instagrams will follow later, during the process!

Stay tuned, Bye!

~Sarah De Zutter

Follow us on Twitter!

Hi guys!

Creazzioni (ZZ) has a Twitter account. You can follow us and you’ll be updated of all the new stuff. Untill now we have 2 followers, Sad?! Yes, but we are sure we’ll have more later on….We’re just started!

Follow us: @Creazzioni (Follow Sarah De Zutter: @ArtisticBunny_)


Cookie cutters from Sculpey

From now on Creazzioni is able to make any shape mini tag you can think of [or at least the ones you see in the picture]. For people who want to try them at home, it’s from the brand Sculpey and you can buy them in Michaels [if you live in the US]. Do you live in Belgium? I found mine in the local hobbyshop, so I guess you should find them in the most hobbyshops.

[[Price in Belgium: €6,50 or around $8,50]]



New tags

Finally, the new tags for creazzioni are here! These will be used to hang on the jewelry I make, but also the cell phone charms will have one. They are simple and it makes my jewelry more valuable.  All my pieces are made with love and are unique, that’s why the tags say ”made for you” and not “made for the whole world”.

With saying ‘it makes my jewelry more valuable’ I don’t mean that they will be more expensive. the pieces will be just more special.

I know, it is just a short update…but I hope you like the new tags!



What is Creazzioni (ZZ)?

Oh, hello there!

Yes, you’re right, Creazzioni is new! Creazzioni is a sort of a brand of jewelry and it’s together with Criminal Smallness, another ‘brand’, but that’s about charms and sculptures.

Let’s introduce Creazzioni!

We are a brand that came up in Belgium, just a couple of days ago. Creazzioni is like a little sister for Criminal Smallness, because CS a more popular. On this site you will only find information, reviews, new products,… about jewelry.

Almost all the pictures of jewelry you will find on here is hand/homemade. When it’s not made by ZZ (Creazzioni) we will note it underneath the picture.  Picture with our jewelry on, you can’t just copy and paste! When you want to use a picture, you can always contact Sarah.

Beads and small charms for necklaces, rings,…Are mostly handmade out of polymer clay. Sometimes I use beads that are bought in the craft store (Note: Whenever a bead is bought, I will never ‘just hang’ it on stuff, There will always be some chain or other beads with it.).

People always think that handmade stuff is super expensive, but Creazzioni isn’t! Let’s say that a pair of earrings will cost 5-20 euro’s.


With that said, I think the most is said!

I hope you are interessed and keep reading the posts and other info.